Our in-house corporate communications, studio and marketing teams

provide a range of services to our IR and corporate reporting clients as well as to banks, financial service firms, providers of professional services and B2B mandates as well as tech companies and others in technical industries.

These include:

  • High-value correspondence to heads of state, heads of government, officials of cabinet rank, regulators, key business partners and other parties
  • Brand building, including brand setup (visual + narrative) and all fundamental components of corporate identity for IR programs and B2B, banks, financial service and professional service firms only.
  • Corporate websites
  • Digital identity packages and revamps
  • Newsflow including strategy, planning and creation of news releases, briefing notes, backgrounders, etc
  • Corporate videos and photography for a range of purposes
  • Collateral including credential decks, brochures, pitches, factsheets and other materials — digital and in print

Some things we just don’t do.

We know our limits — where we excel and where we simply won’t.

This starts with consumers: On the consumer side, our comms, studio and branding teams will only work with banks, non-bank financial service companies and professional service firms.

Also: We really don’t like social media and so provide no form of social media strategy or management services of any kind to anyone. Full stop.

And we do not provide any form of outreach to members of the media, although we do help with media strategy for investor-facing issues